What is the whole point?

Most of us have already heard about the power of thoughts, one way or another. It may be good to know but the thing is: We don’t just want to know it, we want to see it!

So how can we prove that the power of thoughts is true? This is the main objective of the Project: The Secret, creating the largest social human experiment so far that can show us for good, if thoughts can be materialized in our reality or not. I've had this in mind for two years now and I decided to try to find a way to prove it. My former career in chemistry labs and my understanding of the basics of quantum mechanics helped me to design experiments that could present the best chances of results.

Many books have been written about the power of thoughts and on the way we can make things happen in our life by thinking constantly about what we really want. We just have to talk about the book The Secret, which tries to teach us how to do it. There is nothing wrong with it, except we don't know if it really works! Like many of you I am skeptical and I need to have proof, but I am willing to be open and to test it out!


Are you in?

• If you refuse to believe that nuclear energy is the most powerful energy that exists and that there is something mightier out there... you're in.

• If you think that we are all connected and not all divided as individuals... you're in.

• If you think that in many fields of our everyday lives, we are bullshitted by different establishments in place... you're in.

• If you think religious wars are real sh**... you're in.

• If you think modern medicine has its limits and we might have other ways to get cured instead of swallowing tons of pills... you're in.

• If you read the book "The Secret" and you were intrigued to test it out... you're in.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Are you one of those who speak or those who act?

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