The Fellowship of the New World

Month: April 2016

The Fellowship of the New World

fellowship Project The Secret

In 1492, the New World was a part of the world hitherto unexplored. In the 21st century, the New World is a whole new dimension to explore. Boarding is in progress, join the Fellowship.

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Target of Project: The Secret

target Project The Secret

We are ruled by three primary spheres that encompass all that is necessary for the appearance of life. We can compare this with the fire triangle which tells us that we need 3 elements to light a fire.

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It’s time to break the cycle

This little girl, Severn Suzuki, made this speech there are already 20 years ago. Today she continues to fight for the preservation of the planet. It is appalling that 20 years later, nothing has changed and that his speech unfortunately is still relevant. Everyone involved in the Project The Secret’s Fellowship, must hear those words tinged with the sad reality and make a promise to the next generation, for your children and all our children actualy. This promise is that we will try the impossible to find a new form of energy, clean and limitless, to give them a legacy to build something still better than we have made. You can help move things by sharing the mission of the Project The Secret and its experiments that will be attempted very soon.

The Message has found another young carrier

Zesjarig meisje geeft haar net gescheiden moeder een lesje in liefde en vriendschap. Listen to this wise girl!

Posté par Whocares sur 6 mars 2016


A 6 year old girl teaches her newly divorced mum a lesson in love and friendship. Nothing to add but maybe an old soul whispering words through this young girl’s body the time of a short instant to deliver us a message.


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