Power of thoughts: truth or bullshit?

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The majority of us have already heard about the power of thoughts, one way or another. It may be good to know but the thing is: We don’t want to know it, we want to see it! So, how can we prove that the power of thought is true? This is the core of the Project: The Secret. We need to create a Fellowship of 125,000 willing people to participate simultaneously in our experiment using our website platform. Now about you, are you one of those who speaks or those who acts?

One simple thought is very week. In chemistry, when you want to have a bigger effect, you have to focus the most energy you can in a very small time period. We’ll use this theory by joining together, in real time, 125 000 volunteers focusing on the same simple thought at the same time. With this level of concentration, it might show something.

Quantum physics tells us that when we look an apple, it will light up a specific area in our brain. If we close our eyes and imagine this same apple, it will light up the same area in our brain. So it brings one question : what is the reality? The one we see with our eyes or the other that we can imagine with our thoughts, even hundreds of miles away? We'll use this theory as well in our experiment by asking volunteers to stand in front of their computers, wherever they are, and do things with their eyes wide open or closed.

The Dr Emoto's research tell us that water can grab energy from all around (good or bad) and give it back to the outside. As our bodies are composed with more than 65% of water, it makes us real transmitters/receivers. We’ll use this theory too, by lighting up all together the same area in our brain by watching the same media clip on the web platform, before firing simultaneously together the same thought in reality.

Finally in each experiment, we have to find a way to bypass the brain's rationality.

Experiment explanation:
The Galton board is used in probability experiments. Balls are dropped through a triangular array of nails. Each time a ball hits a nail it has a probability of 50 percent to fall to the left of the nail and a probability of 50 percent to fall to the right of the nail. At the end, piles of balls which accumulate in the slots beneath the triangle, will ALWAYS resemble the pattern above, no matter the number of nail rows. So, to reach the slot at the far left, the ball must fall to the left every time it hits a nail, which represents a lower probability than falling in the middle slots. The goal of the experiment is to force balls, with the power of our thoughts, to go all left, which will change the "regular" pattern.

-A stable camera is filming the Galton board in close shot.
-The camera is tilted 20 degrees to the left to give the impression that every ball will fall automatically to the left side of the board.
-A left arrow icon is flashing all the experiment long
-250 balls are falling in the board
-The image is broadcasted live on our web platform
-The 125,000 volunteers are watching the same images in real time on their screen.
-The experiment leader will give instructions to the volunteers to put them all in the same mindset.

Instruction highlights:
-Everyone look at the Galton board in your screen and focus on it.
-You are 125,000 people connected together seeing this specific Galton board, at this moment.
-When we drop balls into it, they will all go to the left.
-Put your brain into off mode.
-Don’t try to analyze what is going to happen, just live the moment.
-Everything will be recorded, you will have plenty of time to watch it later.
-Don’t use your brain, think of nothing, live the moment.
-Just freely follow the instructions without any opposition.
-You are going to keep your eyes open all the experiment long
-This is impossible with just one person, but you are 125,000 all synchronized on the same wave length.
-You are a real power engine device.
-You are a force never experienced before.
-You are “The first 125,000 explorers”.
-Don’t force anything, let it go in a simple and natural way.
-Simply surf on the wave, don’t resist.
-Now watch the Galton board again and all the balls will go to the left.
-I’ll count "one", “two” and "three" and then we will release the balls.
-At the moment you see balls in the board, start to say out loud in repetition : "left", "left", "left", "left", "left",...
-ok you get it everyone?
-Now get closer to your screen.
-But first we need to breathe as a unique organism.
-Breathe in
-Breathe out
-Breathe in
-Breathe out
-Follow this rythme
-Are you ready ?
-Let’s do it.
-"one", "two" and "three"
-"left", "left", "left", "left", "left",...

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