We won’t go where the path may lead,

we will go instead where there is no path leaving a trail.

A long and exciting journey begins. One thing is sure, this huge Project is not the matter of a single man but the matter of a whole generation across the globe. We must find the truth about all that. Are we losing our time or are we collectively blind? This is the one million dollar question that we will try to answer together. If we put in the energy needed and we work as a team, anything is possible. There are several ways to contribute and get involved in the Project: The Secret. Here you have the possibility to be part of it and to meet thousands of people sharing the same curiosity and new way of thinking than you.


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Here you can write serious reflections to be developped about our actual system, about how we should manage our life. It can be about any aspects.

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What else can be done to reach the fundraising target to make this Project possible?

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Everything you think, you find or suggest about experiments.

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Website development

What else should we develop on our website to achieve our mission?

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Québec, where Project: The Secret was started

This is the province where I come from, your northern or eastern neighbour, depending of where you are. This is a bit of what we are, Québécois, and especially what we have to share because we are different. Project: The Secret was started from here but it will go everywhere…

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fellowship Project The Secret

The Fellowship of the New World

In 1492, the New World was a part of the world hitherto unexplored. In the 21st century, the New World is a whole new dimension to explore. Boarding is in progress, join the Fellowship.

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target Project The Secret

Target of Project: The Secret

We are ruled by three primary spheres that encompass all that is necessary for the appearance of life. We can compare this with the fire triangle which tells us that we need 3 elements to light a fire.

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