We are currently looking for investors to bring the Project: The Secret to the next level. There are different kinds of investments needed.

For the experimental side of the Project: The Secret, the investment needed represents, from the simple business point of view, an unacceptable risk because there is no proof at all that a new kind of Energy could exist. At the same time, we all assist to the arrival of quantum mechanics and its new universe of possibilities and theories that wait to be experimented. This is why we are looking for a philanthropist, who could feel concerned about what we try to do, to support the Project financially. If you want to get more details and be in touch with the leader of this Project, contact the founder.

Now if you forget the experimental side and you are investor in web businesses, you could find in the new initiative of Project: The Secret,, a real investment opportunity. is a website platform that aims to connect people wanting to make a difference on the positive side. is founded on the basis that now, we don’t just need to think positive, we need to feed positive, by real actions and different involvements. If the mission of Facebook was to connect the world together, the mission of is to filter the Positive from the whole signal. By that, we are talking to create a unique branding and philosophy around the fact that now, a lot of people are looking for what they could do to change the world positively. We are in this era, where information is available everywhere and where the number of communities is growing up non-stop. We manage to become a social media where you are going to find exclusively positive news, pictures, articles, videos and music. A positive stream actually, where we invite the community to feed that stream by posting positive content exclusively. There is actually a tendency that shows the multiplication of dedicated websites treating the positive thinking subject and we aim to be the leader of this new creed: Feed Positive. The objectives are to develop the “Feed positive” brand, to reach 250,000 registered users after one year and to monetize the website. For more information, contact the founder.

Finally, if you are investors in the energy field, keep an eye on our experiments to see if we will get concrete results in the years coming. In that case scenario, we will plan to create a research corporation. This corporation will use the Project: The Secret entity and its participants to develop advanced experiments, with collaboration of the best scientists available, to lead ultimately to possible applications related with the power of thoughts. Some of you are visionaries and can see the potential while the others see nothing. Whatever the field it is, history has taught us that all real visionaries have taken an irrational risk, from the eyes of others investors, before becoming the leader of a brand new market. So if your energy company has a high risk venture capital fund and wants to get involve in what may change the life like we know it, contact the founder.