The road not taken4

We can all see what horrors can results from the accumulation of negative thoughts in the world. We just have to think about recent attacks on European soil and at San Bernardino. What shall we do? Fight fire with fire? We already have brave men and women on the field to do that. But for us good citizens, there is another way to explore, a path never used before. If negative thoughts can lead to all this violence in the world, where could the real application of positive thinking lead us? We are not naive, we won't be able to change the world only with this Project and positive thinking. But like a newborn baby, if we do a little step at a time to evolve properly and continuously, we could end up someday having control over something we had never thought we could control...

As you will discover, all the experiments we are going to conduct on the first attempt are basic and not significant at all. Those experiments are just the first steps in  finding real evidence about the power of thoughts. Where will the Project: The Secret be in two years from now? Nobody exactly knows but what we know is, you are going to make the difference, not the Project itself. Which role do you want to play in this uncertain era? One thing is sure, it's time for everyone of us to connect with other people sharing the same new way of thinking, to gain force together.

Remember, this is a puzzle we are trying to assemble but the pieces are spread all over the world. Bring them back here to help us see the big picture of "The Secret". Don't wait to find new articles on this website, create articles yourself with what you are going to find. The Fellowship is your zone to publish all the relevent content and links with the Project: The Secret. If you want to write an article in the blog, let us know. It will be a pleasure to read and publish you.

The more participants we can have in this Project the more alive it will be. The important thing is not the result itself but the path we go through to get there. It's exactly the same thinking for a real entrepreneur. He doesn't want to win one million dollar in a lottery, he wants to become a millionaire by creating something new, living all the steps until the final achievement, which will be actually just the beginning of something still bigger. This is exactly the mindset of the Project: The Secret. We must live and experience all the possibilities we have got, we just can't only know them.

Now it's time for you to make a decision, are you involved in this Project or will you act as if none of this existed. It is binary. It is one or the other. You either care about the Project and the potential it represents or you don't. Even with rock solid evidence, many people would not be able to accept such a new reality. So it is really not for everyone, only for a part of the population. So the questions are, what part of the population and which of your friends and family members would be included in that part? This is an interresting data that we will discover together.

You have several ways to contribute and get involved in the Project: The Secret but remember, the first ones who board the bus always have the best seats!