We are ruled by 3 primary spheres that encompass all that is necessary for the appearance of life. We can compare this with the fire triangle which tells us that we need 3 elements to light a fire.

To light a fire we need 3 elements: propellant, an oxidizer and a heat source. If one of these three elements is missing, it is impossible to obtain fire. The life triangle works the same way. If we remove one primary sphere, no Life is possible. Everything is governed by the life triangle. For exemple, when the fuel/air ratio of a combustion engine is running rich, it means that there is too much propellant and a lack of oxidizer. This leads to spark plug fouling, poor gas mileage and loss of engine power. The opposite, when the fuel/air ratio of a combustion engine is running lean, it means a lack of propellant and too much oxidizer. In that case, this leads to a lack of engine power and response in addition of high RPMs.

Now start thinking about humanity problems and personal problems, but challenges would be a better word. Because actually life is conspiring to make us succeed and improve ourselves. All personal or collective challenges we face are always due to the bad ratio we apply in the life triangle. Let’s try it just for fun with someone close to you who have a recurrent problem impossible to solve in his life. It’s always easier to judge someone else because we can see what is going wrong from the outside, without any horse blinder. Think about the main problem of that person and now try to figure out what is the bad ratio in his life between Matter, Organism and Consciousness. You will see it is always a question of imbalance in the balance. Now let’s have a closer look on each spheres constituting the life triangle to get a better understanding.


This sphere is about the individual and collective process to awake ourselves. Every living forms have a specific consciousness that can be composed differently depending on the scale it is. Cells have a consciousness level as well as our beloved earth. Every life form, whatever if it is animal, human, plant or molecular for example, has a specific frequency of vibration that belongs to it. Spirituality is all about increasing its own frequency of vibration to reach a higher state, another dimension.

On a human scale, spirituality must be perceived first and foremost as a personal quest to elevate ourself, through life experiences, to a higher consciousness level. Spirituality is not refering to any particular god nor religion. Spirituality includes thousands of different practices ranging from esoteric, gnosticism, mysticism, the Kabballe and many other yet. Note also that a lot of spiritual practices does not even have specific names and are instead taught by spiritual masters from different backgrounds. In summary, what makes a human being wants to become a better person, brighter and more aware of the creative Energy we live in.

Running rich: A friend of yours focussing too much on  that sphere, could left on the side everything related to the material aspect. It is important to respect the material we have hardly earned in our life, not because of this unique value but because this is the materialization of our everyday efforts. This friend could be also under the joug of a guru or any other spiritual leaders asking for an amazing financial compensation to access "his" spiritual knowledge.

Running lean: A friend of yours having a lack in this sphere, could have no will to answers existential questions at all for example. He could be very comfortable living his life and thinking that at the end, there is nothing next, game over actually. This friend would waste is whole life by not taking opportunities to improve himself. He could finish his life at the same exact state he has started it, no evolution at all.


This sphere is about structuring concepts of god and higher energies in our material world. Doing so, religion can optimize his influence over people and that way, shaping the world with its own vision. Religions can also be seen as political parties, contesting the control of the planet globally. They have played a huge role over centuries to build the world as we know it but their real challenge today, is to adapt themselves to the new era we are and to take only the fair place that belongs to them.
On a human scale, religions must be seen as homogeneous groups, sharing the same beliefs of the concept of God. The religion is not a personal quest but rather a teaching school. As such, the religion has the knowledge and transmits it to the faithfuls. The faithfuls can't discuss or suggest improvements to the church's concepts. They must follow religion leaders gently without any opposition.  Even today, believers still can not influence the concepts of thoughts of these old institutions but now, every believer is free to develop his own spirituality with what he thinks to be the best for him.
Running rich: A friend of yours focussing too much on  religion could not be opened to any new thinkings and spirituality matters, finding everything not included in his religion frame to be useless and irrelevent for example. He could be the kind of person who always stand on its positions, even when there are evidences of the opposite. He could be also not tolerant with people from others religions, displaying hate against people not sharing the same concept of god than him.
Running lean: A friend of yours having a lack in this sphere could believe in nothing, being detached from everything relevant from higher consciousness. He could also be against any kind of organization proposing its dogma for example, preferring to be a free electron following exclusively his convictions, whatever if they are rational or not, true or false.



The physics is all about the properties of matter and energy and the relationship between them. It is mainly what we can feel with our five senses. We can call it also the reality we have always known. It includes all the traditionnal sciences from chemestry, geololy, physic, mathematic, astronomy and other applied sciences. We can add also mechanics, optics, electricity, magnetism, accoustics and heat.

On a human scale, it represents the minimal material goods that we need to experience properly our material life, our human life. This is the sphere that grounds us down to the earth and give us the reason powered by the intellect. Our ego is very comfortable in this sphere, no need to say.

Running rich: A friend of yours focussing too much on  that sphere could keep talking exclusively about money for exemple. About what he possesses, about things exclusively superficial actually. He could have a inner endless hole, which he would try to fill up by possessing always more and more stuff. He could show also a real lack of spirituality, like if the only thing important before dying was to cumulate the maximum of goods, which will be impossible to bring on the other side by the way. This would eventually chain him to the ground and stop him to elevate himself to a higher level of consciousness.

Running lean: A friend of yours not having the basic goods to live a decent life (food, clothes, a place to stay etc...), would be always in survival mode, focussing all his time on fulfilling his primary needs. He won't never be able to work on his secondary needs as long as he won't have a certain stability to fullfill his basic needs. In this position, this friend would live exclusively in the present moment, no vision of the future at all, no possibility to upgrade himself to a higher level of consciousness and a better health in general.

Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is basicaly the laws ruling behind the scene, behind the physics model we are using in our everyday life.  This sphere is the last one discovered by humanity and is just starting to reveal some amazing secrets. For now, we have more theories than evidences but for many researchers, this sphere could be the Saint-Grail of possibilities. Quantum mechanics includes everything which is concerned by new Energy forms, high level energies. In this category, we include also black holes, super novas, time travel, dimension layers, particuls acceleration etc... Basically, the majority of new theories formulated by scientists these days belong in the quantum mechanics category.

On a human scale, this sphere is the home of the "positive thinking" phenomena. Applying some theories in that sphere could help us to modify our own reality, our experiences to live. All thoughts that we send in the universe, will be coming back to us in a way or another, whether it is positive or negative.

Running rich: A friend of yours focussing too much on  that sphere could loose contact with reality. If he bet everything exclusively on thinking positive, without doing any effort and making good decisions, this could only lead him in an endless way, a dead end actually. Luck is when opportunity meets hard work. We must always keep contact with reality, the one we see with our eyes. In other words, not dreaming awaken all the time. We must live the present moment and appreciate what we've got.

Running lean: A friend of yours don't believing positive thinking at all, could lose a lot of possibilities in his life. If he is closed to this, he could be the kind of person always complaining about his life, about how others are lucky and not him. This friend could be the one who say always immoral jokes, using hurting words against other, against vulnerable people like diseabled people. If you would take a closer look on his life, you could notice the payback he has to manage in his life for all the shit he sent in the air. All the words we say out loud can affect us in return.


This sphere is about the traditional science that studies all life forms. Those forms can be mineral, plant, animal or human. This sphere is about the mechanics of organisms, the way it works. Biology is all about ecosystems, organism nutrients and the relationship between them. This category includes also microbiology and organic chemestry. Biology is dealing with viruses, microbes, germs and other health issues but also with DNA and GMO. Medicine science is sub group of biology focusing exclusively on human bodies.

On a human scale, it represents your body, the vehicule of your soul in the material world. You can't achieve nothing without a healthy body. Millions of dollar can't even buy you a good health. A human body is an amazing device. It possesses a lot of faculties and functions that all serve the "owner's will".

Running rich: A friend of yours focussing too much on  that sphere could be willing to do almost everything to have a perfect body. Going on gym everyday, looking his body in the mirror every minute or using plasctic surgery to correct any imperfections. This kind of person is completely obsessive about his appearance. She must be the perfect icon of what society tells us about what is beautiful.

Running lean: A friend of yours having a lack in this sphere could suffer of a disease like obesity for example. Taking care of his body would be the last of his concerns, making bad decisions on bad decisions, eating exclusively fast food for example. Not giving the proper fuel to his body, this friend wouldn't be able to accomplish in his life what others can do easily. A body in bad shape is not giving you all its energy. It is the same thing for addictions such drugs or alcohol. Having such an handicap will keep your friend not evolving properly in his life and at the same time, that will bring him a constant distraction to focus on. In other words, that person is loosing a lot of opportunities in his life.

Special faculties

This sphere is about special faculties that can show different organisms. Why some bacteriums have a behavior in a certain situation and totally another behavior in another situation for example? In this category, we talk also about any kind of mutations. Why sometimes, something with a regular pattern becomes different and have a new pattern? Those questions can be applied to any kind of life forms. This section inventory basically what is "anormal" in the current model we use, the exceptions.

On a human scale, we talk about people who has a gift. Why some people, with the same body and brain than everyone else, can do special things while others can't.

Running rich: A friend of yours focussing too much on his gift, could feel so unique than he could think he is really better than everyone else for example. Or he could dedicate all his life to help and support others instead of taking time to improve himself, to evolve in this present life.

Running lean: A friend of yours having a lack in this sphere is like the majority of us, we are not aware of the real potential we have got. We are too much cartesian and this makes us believe than we possess no inner forces. We all need to frame our intellect and to explain it what is its place and what is his area of expertise. The mind should not, in any circumstences, control everything. The intuition must gain back his place as driver and the intellect as automatic pilot, on driver's order.


your captain