In 1492, the New World was a part of the world hitherto unexplored. In the 21st century, the New World is a whole new dimension to explore. Boarding is in progress, join the Fellowship.

Everything is going faster...

Everything is accelerating around us and we are entering an era of awakening of individual and collective consciousness. Just do notice how there are more and more blog dealing with the subject. For those who are already awake, you probably feel as I do that humanity is called to turn to something even better. The question to ask is: what can we do to achieve such change gently? For me the answer can not be anything but the mission of Project: The Secret which is to prove that the power of thoughts is real. If we can physically prove that the thoughts we produce create material phenomena in our everyday world, this will give the needed motivation to humanity to assimilate in depth this new perspective and implement by exercising daily.

To do this, just as in 1492, we need to gather brave and valiant explorers who are willing to make many efforts and sacrifices but no matter the trials to overcome, will always have the strength to continue because no turning back will be possible. These new explorers will not have to travel long distances or even to fight many dangers, they will have rather a mission to create a new common awareness about the Project: The Secret, feeding it with the best of each of them and sharing it with the greatest number of people. "The great fundamental changes in a societies never come from the top, they always come from the base." And we are the base of humanity.

And if…

What would happen if we actually succeed together for the first time in history, to move a needle suspended on a thread (exp.01) with the only force of our thoughts? Imagine that we repeated the experiment ten times and each times we succeeded in front of leading scientists from all around the world. What would that change in each of us, to know that we have the power on the infinitely small with the strength of our thoughts? What would that change collectively in our societies, once all media would have reported this news as the greatest discovery of the 21st century? There is really one and only way to find out, it is to experience it. And what would happen if ever we obtain no conclusive results in our first try? Well, we would try a new essay because we are using a trial and error approach, simply. After all, Thomas Edison failed to invent the light bulb at his first attempt and Albert Einstein did not find his theory of relativity on a single working day! This means that we have the right to make mistakes. We must not be afraid of failure if we want to go forward and especially, we must not be afraid of working hard because the challenge is immense. Acually, Project: The Secret is a research group, there is no other way to call it.  Maybe we are the more unconventionnal research group of all but this is our group, and we will lead it where it needs to go.

Be part of the Fellowship

A real fellowship is always about duties and responsibilities. Having the good balance between what you can get and what you can give. It needs a lot of energy to create movement but once the wheel is moving, it becomes easier to continue forward and to gain speed.

Friendship, open mind and happy labor will be the key of the Project: The Secret. The task of the Project is gigantic but when you can count on each other, even thousands of miles away, you feel supported and ready to climb mountains if needed. We must be happy and have fun in this challenge we are going to face in order to make sense of all this. This is the deep and durable foundation on which we are building our Fellowship.

For those who had the opportunity to travel before starting a family really know how much it is rewarding to live in the unknown, discovering new lands and meeting new friends from all over the world. It's amazing to see there are good people everywhere ready to give you a hand if you need help. You just have to be open on others and to be smiling! We feel so alive and connected to everything doing so. Humility is a strong feeling that can open our eyes to a new perspective of life. 

Officers and crew

Like every quest, the first priority is to select the best available crew to begin the journey. We will need officers as well to lead the crew and to make sure that everyone understand his duties and responsibilities. You were looking to find a way to get out of your boring routine and live some adventures with awesome people like you never had before? Join the Fellowship!  -  Good!

All hands on deck!

Pay attention!

Officers, prepare the crew! We are heading for a new dimension!

Everyone to his post!

Hoist the anchor!

Hoist the mainsail!

I expect the best from each of you on this expedition,

your captain